Samsung Knox powered by Ciphr with quantum secure encryption

Samsung Knox powered by Ciphr with quantum secure encryption

Some facts about traditional PGP email & OTR chat solutions offered on smartphones vs. Hypercore® from Ciphr on a Samsung Knox phone.

Privacy on PGP Blackberries there is little good to say about it. For this reason, traditional PGP email and OTR Chat solutions today are offered almost exclusively on smartphones, which is a good development. Nevertheless, there is a danger when you talk about PGP email & OTR chat solutions on smartphones because they differ quite when it comes to privacy and security.

When you consider that the available computing power of computers has increased exponentially with Moore’s law in recent years, resulting in quantum computers, one would expect providers of secure mobile communications services to use a stronger type of encryption algorithm.

Unfortunately, that’s a fairy-tale!


For example, you have the type of quantum-breakable cryptography and the type of quantum-secure cryptography.

With a quantum computer, access to the smartphone, which uses an encryption algorithm that is not quantum-secure, can be achieved in no time.

Privacy can, therefore, be guaranteed solely on the basis of the algorithm type used. This is because a quantum computer is no longer science fiction and will be used more and more in the future.

Last but not least, intelligence agencies from governments are moving to Samsung Knox.

No1 secure mobile phone with end-to-end Post Quantum ECC encryption.

Hypercore® Better safe than sorry!